Diagnosis and correction of speech functions

Spelling disorders (dyslalia, dysarthria)

Delayed speech development

General underdevelopment of speech

Motor and sensory alalia

Speech rehabilitation after cochlear implantation



Congenital cleft palate (rhinolalia, rhinophonia)

Writing and reading disorders (dysgraphia, dyslexia)

Diagnosis and development of cognitive functions

Diagnosis and development of cognitive functions

Reading and writing disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia)

Learning disorders and learning difficulties

Developmental delays

Diagnosis of children in need of special educational assistance and counseling of their parents

Psychological and mental problems

Behavioral and emotional disorders

Communication disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mental disorders

Anxiety disorders

Affective and mood disorders

Psychological help for children and adults

Motor and functional impairments

Recovery from trauma

Genetic syndromes

Psychophysical disorders

Physical development disorders

Stroke Recovery

Rehabilitation counseling