We provide a wide range of rehabilitation and counseling services to clients

Paid services

We provide counseling and sessions by leading experts in the field of rehabilitation.

Work-related rehabilitation

We offer rehabilitation services to prepare a person for working life and to support in starting or continuing working.

Social rehabilitation

We provide comprehensive social rehabilitation to support people with disabilities or limited ability to work in everyday life.

Paid services

In Altair Rehabilitation Center you can get consultations from leading specialists: speech therapists, special education teachers, clinical psychologist, social worker, art therapist, physiotherapist, doctor.

Prices will be changed on 08.01.2024

Service Price (€)
Consultation with a leading specialist 66
Speech therapist consultation 54
Special educator consultation 54
Consultation with a clinical psychologist 54
Counseling by a social worker 54
Consultation with an art therapist 54
Doctor's consultation 72
One-time session 48
Logorhythmics 19
Massage 42
Session ticket for massage (10 sessions) 324
Session ticket №1 (8 lessons - 2 times a week) 326
Session ticket №2 (12 classes - 3 times a week) 475

Prices for speech therapist services

Service Code Price
Speech therapist appointment 7628 58,31
Speech therapy assessment 7621 61,64

Work-related rehabilitation

Work-related rehabilitation aims to prepare you for working life and to support you in starting or continuing working.

Work-related rehabilitation is offered to people who meet all the following conditions:

● They are of working age (i. e. aged between 16 and retirement age);
● They have been identified as having reduced work capacity (disability, permanent
incapacity for work or partial work capacity);
● They are employed (workers, students, entrepreneurs) or looking for work (registered

Social rehabilitation services are available to all people with a disability (including those who are working, studying, or registered as unemployed) and can be applied for from the Estonian National Social Insurance Board. 

Rehabilitation specialists can help you find motivation, increase self-confidence, and learn how to cope with disability or illness on a daily basis, including while performing work duties. The rehabilitation team can help a person settle into working life and advise the employer on how to organize work more appropriately or how to adapt to the working environment. The rehabilitation team can also provide help in solving problems in everyday life, e.g. learning to use technical aids, providing psychological support, adapting to impairments in mobility, and improving speech and cognitive functions.

We offer our services to people who are working, studying, seeking employment, and who wish to improve the quality of their life but are facing difficulties due to physical ailments and/or various psychological and mental conditions such as:

• Mood disorders and depression;
• Anxiety and panic disorder;
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;
• Autism spectrum disorder;

• Other psychological problems and mental disorders such as phobia, exhaustion, low self-
esteem, self-harm, fear of change, communication difficulties and conflicts, social anxiety,
relationship difficulties with loved ones, struggling to deal with failures, lack of energy and
interest in life.

We are unable to provide services to:

  • Clients with severe and profound mobility limitations;
  • Individuals with severe and profound visual impairments;
  • Individuals with alcohol and drug addiction problems.

Work-related rehabilitation may include the following activities:

  • Doctor consultations
  • Physiotherapy
  • Social worker consultations
  • Occupational therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Special Needs Consultation
  • Peer support
  • Psychological counseling and psychotherapy
  • Nurse consultation

More information can be found on the Unemployment Insurance Fund website:

New prices are valid from 24.09.2023

Service Code Price(€)
Physiotherapy services (individual) 2001 70
Physiotherapy services (in a group) 2002 25
Ergo-therapist services (individual) 2003 75
Ergo-therapist services (in a group) 2016 30
Social worker services (individual) 2004 70
Social worker services (in a group) 2006 30
Special educator services (individual) 2007 75
Special educator services (group) 2009 30
Psychologist services (individual) 2010 75
Psychologist services (in a group) 2012 30
Speech therapy services (individual) 2013 75
Speech therapy services (in a group) 2015 30
Art therapy services (individual) 2019 75
Art therapy services (in a group) 2021 30
Experience counseling services (individual) 2022 60
Services of an experienced counselor (in a group) 2024 25
Physician services (individual) 2028 80
Nurse services (individual) 2025 60


Social rehabilitation is a comprehensive social service designed to support people with disabilities or limited ability to work in everyday life. With the help of social rehabilitation services, people and their families learn to cope with special health-related needs on a daily basis. Social rehabilitation aims to teach and develop everyday skills, increase opportunities for participation in social life, support learning, and prepare a person for work.

A social rehabilitation service is an active service: the person takes an active part in the activities necessary to achieve goals – for example, doing physiotherapeutic exercises or learning to live with the help of assistive devices. These skills are practiced with the help and guidance of a specialist from the rehabilitation team. The specialist may also suggest exercises and tasks that you need to do at home on your own or with a family member/nurse/caregiver. Since the active participation of a person isnecessary for the efficiency of the rehabilitation process, rehabilitation services do not include passive procedures such as massage, therapeutic baths, salt chambers, cryotherapy, etc.

Social rehabilitation is a comprehensive service that is necessary when a person has several health conditions or issues that cannot be solved with the help of individual services (for example, the services of a support person or a guardian) but requires the participation of several specialists (comprehensive assistance of a rehabilitation team).

Social rehabilitation may include the following activities:

● Occupational therapy
● Art therapy
● Social worker consultations
● Psychological counseling and psychotherapy
● Special needs consultation
● Speech therapy
● Physiotherapy
● Peer support
● Doctor consultations
● Nurse consultation

The services can be provided individually, in groups, or to families. Doctor’s consultations are provided
only individually.

You can find more information on the Social Insurance Board’s website: